• Welcome to the Unity Project of Watertown!
    Our mission is “to promote a sense of acceptance and belonging among all members of our community.”

    We created it to show Watertown that we are here, and there is support. We want to be able to lift the community up and make it a better place for anyone to live. Join us on our mission to spread awareness and affirmation of the LGBTQ+ community in Watertown.

    Watertown Pride

    Are you ready? We will be hosting a Pride on July 30th! We will have jewelry, crafts and performers to entertain! Let us know if you want to help or participate. Entry is free, but we appreciate any donations
    what does LGBTQ+ mean?
    Our first event, National Coming Out Day in October 2021

Meet the Founders

Robin and Trent Kangas

Robin (He/They) and Trent (He/Him) have been married since 2015. They have lived in Watertown and the surrounding area their entire lives. Both are passionate about seeing the community thrive and improve and want to make a positive difference. Robin enjoys relaxing by painting and taking care of his aquariums. Trent enjoys relaxing by playing video games like Apex Legends and Guilty Gear.